Lindau Gospels ultra- 9" x 7"
by Paperblanks
  • 9" x 7"
  • 144 lined pages
  • memento pouch
  • sewn binding

Belief the covers of the Lindau Gospels were designed to inspire awe in early Christian onlookers. The book was carried in processions and displayed on altars. Its component parts originate from different times and places; the back cover is recorded as being created near Salzburg between 750 and 800 AD. Originally tooled in gilt, silver and enamel and elaborately decorated with jewels, it is a powerful manifestation of art as a vehicle for belief. Depicted on our journals is the back cover design of this bookmaking masterwork.  This journal is 9" x 7" and has 144 lined pages.  The journal includes a memento pouch inside and has a sewn binding.


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