Beautiful Bold Writing Journals - Lined - Slims
by Paperblanks

These beautiful writing journals providing a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of French textile design, this series draws inspiration from a striking pattern featuring elements from the natural world. Intricate, lush foliage and flowers were hand-painted or block-printed on paper to create this master pattern dating from the 1860s, which would have been used to create a template for the mass production of the fabric. Beautiful Diaries using the  bold and colorful patternes comes to life as a great gift idea for the earth friendly writer.

These eco friendly writing journals are one of the most unique, unusual, and planet friendly journals available.  The acid-free paper is made with only sustainable forest pulp.  The binder boards for these beautiful writing journals are European-made with 100% recycled paper.  The company that creates these diaries is paying a self-imposed company “carbon tax” proportional to the GHG releases.  I could go on about their merits but what is really amazing is that these journals look too good to be made out of eco friendly products.  Features include a spacious memento pouch that provides a haven for all those loose papers and notes collected along the way, and a ribbon marker helps you to find where you left off.  Most have magnetic wraps to keep all your thoughts and those collected notes tucked away stylishly. A beautiful eco gift for yourself or a friend.

Starts at $12.95
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